The Trust’s overseas activities were first started in United Kingdom in 1998.Raj Durbar a social organisation in London, UK had organized a drama for raising funds for the Trust. Girls of High worth Grammar School Kent, had also organized fund raising projects for DREAM Trust. Soroptimist International had organized a treasure hunt as fund raising project.

Mrs. Jenny Hirst, President of the IDDT(Insulin Dependent Diabetes Trust),
Northampton is actively involved in the fulfilling the objectives of DREAM Trust. She has created awareness about the Trust through her articles. IDDT regularly sends supply of insulin pens, meters and other accessories. IDDT has also sponsored many diabetic children of DREAM Trust.

Mrs. Mary Hayes a juvenile diabetic since the age of 10 years and Specialist Diabetes Educator of UK has been donating accessories required for these diabetic children regularly. She has been delivering talks on DREAM Trust at schools & other institutions in UK. Both Mary & her husband Allan, organize various fund – raising activities to create awareness of DREAM Trust.

Mrs. Mary and her husband, Allan, visited DREAM Trust, Nagpur in year 2000, just to meet these diabetic children . They had the opportunity to meet the juvenile diabetic children at DREAM Trust along with their parents and also visit the homes of some of them. Mrs. Mary Hayes addressed a gathering of doctors and shared her experiences going through the hurdles and overcoming them with pride & dignity, in her life.


British Diabetic Association, in their official magazine-BALANCE- Nov/Dec 1998 issue had published an article "Where have all the girls gone?" The article written by Dr. Sharad Pendsey, evoked a tremendous response and helped the Trust activities.

Lucy Laycock, a radio journalist from U.K. visited DREAM Trust in July 2011. She has made a radio documentary on Dream Trust by interviewing children and their parents. The link for the radio documentary is
Lucy Laycock with Mrs. Swati Pendsey during visit to a village. Also seen is a young type 1 diabetic girl in front of her house.
World Diabetes Day Celebrations
We celebrated World Diabetes day with our Chief Guest Mrs. Mary Hayes from U.K. She is closely associated with Dream Trust for the past 12 years.

Being a diabetes educator, Mrs. Mary Hayes appreciated the efforts of Dream Trust in helping poor children with diabetes. She narrated her experiences of her life to these children and explained how she managed to lead a successful life despite her illness all these 50 years.

The function was largely attended by around 250 juvenile diabetic children and their parents, Advisory board members and well wishers of Dream Trust.
Above picture shows the pictures of Mrs. Mary Hayes (U.K.) , Dr. Sharad Pendsey and Dr. Shalini Singh (U.S.A) during the celebrations of Dream Trust on World Diabetes day in the year 2012.
Picture above shows the gathering of Dream Trust children with our guests on World Diabetes day celebrations.
Mrs. Rachel Humphrey, (U.K. ) visit
Mrs. Rachel Humphrey is a Chairwoman of International Cargo Company and is associated with Dream Trust for more than a year. She came to visit Dream Trust on 22nd November 2012 on a short visit.

She is sponsoring 11 children of Dream Trust and was very happy to meet them during her visit to Dream Trust. She brought presents to all her patients and enjoyed distributing and spending time with them.
Above Picture showing Rachel Humphrey from U.K. on behalf of Dream Trust donating bicycles to some of our patients.
In the above picture Rachel Humphrey from U.K. on her home visit to one of her sponsored patient.
Rachel Humphrey is seen on her home visit to one of our patient. Also seen is her Child receiving some gifts from Rachel Humphrey.
Dream Trust celebrated “ Vibrant Youth Day ” on 26th August 2014 at Hotel Centre Point, Nagpur.
Meritorious students of Dream trust ( juvenile diabetics ) were felicitated.
Bicycles from England distributed at the hands of Ms. Lucy Laycock
In the month August 2014, 100 bicycles were donated by Pendsey Trust, London. 20 bicycles were distributed at the hands of Ms. Lucy Laycock, President, Pendsey Trust, London. Rest of the bicycles were distributed to needy diabetic children subsequently.
Mrs. Akshama from U.K. visits Dream Trust
Mrs. Akshama is a trustee of SNJ charitable trust which operates from Delhi and Wolverhampton UK, which supports health and education in India for the needy. She has recently collaborated with Dream Trust in Nagpur run by Dr Sharad Pendsey which supports above thousand diabetic type 1 children giving them free insulin and has a holistic approach towards their development.
SNJ Trust supports sponsorship of 25 diabetic children of Dream Trust.
Sussex Uni. Students complete Charity cycle expedition
6 Sussex University students completed 350 kms cycle expedition in Kerala to raise funds for Dream Trust. On their way back to England they stopped at Nagpur to visit Dream Trust. They interacted with children of Dream Trust, visited their homes. They also visited Bangle shop funded by Dream Trust and successfully run by a Diabetic girl . Dream Trust appreciates their fine gesture of fund raising through adventurous cycle expedition.