In Japan, "The International Diabetes Aid Fund has been established on December 2001, to support the diabetics in the developing countries. As one of their activities, DREAM Trust is one of their beneficiaries. The International Diabetes Aid Fund (JAPAN) is administered by 4 persons, Ms. Saori Morita (Chairperson of IDAF with type 1 diabetes), Mr. Shouji Kashiwazaki (Director), Ms. Tokiko Nishimura (a dietitian), Mr.Kenji Mikado (The secretary-general of IDAF, the president of the SOSHINSHA Ltd supporting IDAF). (http://www.dm-net.co.jp/idaf/index.html)

Efforts on part of Mr. Mikado & Ms. Morita have increased the sponsored number considerably.
Dr. Sharad Pendsey had an opportunity to visit IDAF, Tokyo, and met with the executive members. Mr. Mikado & others have assured longterm association & continued support to DREAM Trust.

Ms Morita Saori with children of DREAM Trust Ms Morita Saori receiving Friend of DREAM Trust Award. Also seen Dr. Sharad Pendsey
Ms Morita Saoriwith children sponsored by Japanese donors (IDAF)