Mr. Ron Raab a diabetic for the last 45 years, President, Insulin For Life Incorporated, an Australian Organisation and Rotarian Bruce Wainwright, also a type 1 diabetic of 45 years' duration was instrumental in getting the matching grant for DREAM Trust, through Rotary International and Rotary Club of Mitcham (Australia) & Rotary Club of Nagpur (West)


International Diabetes Federation (IDF), Diabetes Australia and Hope Worldwide have evolved a unique project for the welfare of diabetic children in developing countries. The basic concept of the program is to raise funds in a developed nation through a sponsorship program, with these funds being sent to developing countries to be used to improve the care of children with diabetes. The programme has been implemented in Fiji, Papua New Guinea (PNG) and The Philippines and now in India along with the DREAM Trust. This project has sponsored 15 children and the tally increased to 45 with the help of generous sponsorship from Eli Lilly (USA). The people involved in the programme are Professor Martin Silink(Chairman), Dr.Graham Ogle (Programme Manager)

Margaret & Jae from University of Perth (Australia) visited DREAM Trust in January 2010. They are final year students of School of Podiatry; their visit was part of overseas training. Their area of interest was Diabetes Foot care in India. They also got acquainted with activities of DREAM Trust, especially sponsorship of children with diabetes and were highly impressed.

Photo shows: Jae & Margaret with Dr. Sharad Pendsey

Dream Trust had funded few deserving Type 1 patients for starting small business with the help of LFAC in the year 2012-2013 and gave additional funds in the year 2013-2014.
Some of the beneficiaries are :
We had provided him money to start his dairy business and he had bought a buffalo. In last 2 years , he purchased 1 more buffalo from his profit and the previous female buffalo gave birth to a younger one and hence he has 3 buffaloes . He also purchased 4 goats and 10 chickens.

HZ Hemant zarode
He was provided funded him for a desktop.  He is using it for filing  the application form, DTP work,  filling online applications for various competitive exams for aspiring students in his village.  He would like to expand his business, buying a good printer etc.,

  Ramesh Raut
He was funded to start a stationary shop to which he added several items of general use and started 1 shop at home which is looked after by his wife and he does business on bicycle by visiting small villages at different places every day donated by Dream Trust.
  Rameshwar Mandre
He was funded to start a small business where he prepares puffed rice from unpolished rice . It is really a small village in Madhya Pradesh Tribal area, instead of receiving money, he receives polished rice in exchange of puffed rice. He consumes polished rice for his family and part of it , he sells.
Pictures of some beneficiaries of Rehab program
Educational Grant
MU : She was provided educational grant with which she successfully passed class 12 exams with 65% marks and has taken admission in Nursing course ( Auxillary Nurse) which is a 2 years course.

LT : She was provided grant to get training beauty culture course. She completed her course successfully and has set up a small mobile beauty parlour and she does home visits in her area and provides beauty parlour services to women.

AH :He completed his Diploma in Education with the help of educational grant with 85% marks. He is expected to get a job as a primary school teacher.

AB: He has completed his class 12 exams with educational grant and has procured admission in Civil engineering
SN : He was provided funding for vocational training in electrician course. He passed his first year with 68% marks ( 2 year course) and continuing his second year.

AB: He has completed his diploma in Agricultural science and has taken admission in degree course in Arts.
RS: She has completed her class 12 exams successfully with 60% marks and has taken admission for Bachelor of Computer Science.

SA: She was provided educational grant for Bachelor of Nursing . She has passed her first year with 60% and now she is in the second year.
( 3 year course).
Prof. Dr. Sue Atkinson, London, Visits Dream Trust
Prof. Dr. Sue Atkinson, a pediatrician associated with School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, London, U.K. paid a special visit to Dream Trust. She has been deputed by International Diabetes Federation (IDF) to study the working of Dream Trust . It is specially in reference to Life for a Child ( LFAC) a project run by IDF in several countries for diabetic children.She was accompanied by Miss. Zoe Atkinson , a Research Fellow from London,U.K..
She made home visits to some of the diabetic children during her visit.
Dream Trust appreciates and profusely thank Insucare for Life for a child (LFAC-IDF) for donation of 9000 vials of Human insulin for free distribution to needy diabetic children during the period 2015-2016